Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ About Kenhosting

Q.Where is your web servers located?

Ans- Our state-of-the-art web servers are in various multi-million dollar data centers in USA and Canada those provides exclusive connectivity and high availability to the internet. This ensures some of the highest uptime possible for your web sites and mail communication systems.

Q.Does Kenhosting offer any kind of portal for managing my web site?

Ans- Yes. We are offering Cpanel for managing your website. Kenhosting features an enhanced user interface that is fully integrated with cPanel. Our single-sign on control panel provides you access to backup, mysql management, visitor status, file manager, and other hosting account features. Our hosting accounts feature cPanel which is the industry leading control panel and offers a rich online environment from where you can manage and administer your web hosting.

Q.Do you put advertisements on hosted websites?

Ans- No. This is pure business and personal hosting services without any advertisement from us. We prefer not to put advertisements all over your websites like most of our competitors. All pages of your website will be advertisement free.

Q.Can I monitor my disk space and bandwidth usage?

Ans- Yes. You may monitor disk space and bandwidth usage from within your cPanel control panel.

Q.Can I upgrade my account if I need to?

Ans- Yes. You can upgrade your account at anytime. You will pay the difference between your current account and your new account. There are no extra fees involved in upgrading. You can upgrade your account by logging into your control panel.

Q.How do I transfer files to my website?

Ans- Files must be transferred to the Web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP) or your account's Web-based File Manager. If you need FTP, SSH, mail, or other Internet software then you can use Filezilla FTP client opensource for uploading files and downloading files to your website space. If you want to upload of download single file then you can use cPanel control panel.

Q.How long does it take to set up a new account?

Ans- New accounts are guaranteed to be set up within 24 hours from the time we receive your order. Once an account is set up an well come letter will be sent to you via e-mail including your account information and login credential of cPanel control panel. You can begin uploading files to your new website immediately. You will be given a temporary web address to access the site prior to the completion of either domain registration or domain transfer so you can start working with your account right away.

Q.Do you offer PHPMyAdmin?

Ans- PHPMyAdmin is an advanced MySQL database management package which can perform a range of database tasks. It is best tool to manage mySQL database for creating database, creating users, creating table, inserting data, updating data, managing data.

Q.What types of websites are not allowed to be hosted?

Ans- Any websites which are illegal contain copyrighted files (warez), adult content, spamming scripts, web proxies etc. Please read our terms and conditions before sign-up.

Q.What is your server's uptime record?

Ans- Since we began hosting, our uptime record has exceeded 99.7%. However, if you wish to host applications/sites with even more exceptional / mission-critical high bandwidth, availability or support requirements we suggest use of dedicated servers.

Q.Could I get my site visitor statistics?

Ans- Yes, you will have access to both Awstats and Webalizer programs that will provide you detailed online information on important aspects of your web-site. Statistics includes how many people have visited your web site on which day? What browser did they use? , What areas/pages of your website they accessed? Which search engines and keywords they used to reach your site etc.

Q.Can I use my account for commercial purposes?

Ans- Yes, you can use your account to build and run your business, including e-commerce. The World Wide Web has become an efficient and cost-effective means of making information available to a wide user base, and we encourage our clients to use this flexible medium. The Business plan is the least expensive way to get everything you need to start selling online.

Q.Could I get POP accounts be configured as

Ans- Yes, the POP accounts will be configured on your domain name.

Q.How can I install Wordpress or Joomla in my site?

Ans- It is very easy to install any kind of CMS (Content Management System) software application in to your site. Using Softaculous advance utility; anything can be installed in single click.

Q.Do you offer FTP access?

Ans- Yes off course we are providing. You will have FTP access to your site with all of our packages.

Q.I lost my cPanel password, what should I do?

Ans- Go to the control panel site. Click on the link "forgot your password", it is usually located bellow the login box, and follow the instructions.

Q.What are subdomains?

Ans- Consider subdomains as an extension of your domain. For example, your site is A subdomain would be, and another would be Subdomains are usually treated as separate sites from the main domain site.

Q.What do I need to do to put Flash on my website?

Ans- Flash is a client side feature - it runs on the user's computer, not on your web host. As long as the user's browser has the correct plug-in installed, it will run on their computer.

Q.Do you offer email redirects?

Ans- Yes we offer this feature. It is an email address that - contrary to the mail account that we described above - does not have a mailbox, but rather forwards emails to another email address or set of addresses.

Q.What is Domain Parking or parked domain?

Ans- Domain parking lets you buy a domain and then have a 'coming soon' page on it. This is not needed - if a domain is not parked it will simply be inaccessible to anyone. Most domain registrars provide this by default.

Q.Do you offer static dedicated IP address?

Ans- Yes! We are offering static dedicated IP address as add-on services. For more detail kindly check our add-on services.

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